AboutSparkle Through Chemo

The'Rainbow'after the storm

Sparkle Through Chemo, isn’t just a job to me, I feel it’s my purpose after having had my own experience of cancer nine years ago. I was just 25 when I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and I understand how truly life changing a cancer diagnosis can be.

Fiona Murphy from Sparkle Through Chemo

I had already qualified as a beauty therapist back in 2003 and my specialist interest had always been skincare. Whilst I was going through cancer, I realised that there were no beauty treatments available to people like me. In fact I was contraindicated and advised against having beauty treatments until I was 5 years clear. This was something I was I determined to change.

With this in mind, I went on to train and qualify for a postgraduate diploma in oncology therapies and can now specialise in oncology aesthetics and Sparkle Through Chemo was born. Thinking back on my own cancer experience, I often felt very isolated, so I also decided to create an online community right here, so others going through the same experiences could communicate together, share ideas and ask questions within a supportive environment.

With Sparkle Through Chemo, I hope to make this tough journey a little easier for you. Use our website to connect with others and share your own experiences and the realities that you face going through cancer. I hope you feel comfortable enough to be open about the effects cancer has had on your confidence and body image and also become empowered by the knowledge that Sparkle Through Chemo is able to offer you solutions and support with our specialist oncology beauty treatments, that can help improve and alleviate your cancer treatment side effects.

It was important to me that Sparkle Through Chemo could offer our services and support throughout the UK and in order to do this we now work with hospitals and charities and hold regular events and workshops throughout the UK.

Keep an eye out for future dates and venues near you. Chemo beauty really is everywhere.


  • The treatments are amazing, I always feel refreshed and rejuvenated. I really appreciate Fiona’s experience and expertise. She always has a great skincare advice on how to deal with anything unexpected for my very sensitive skin. I look forward to my next appointment!
  • The facial was so good that my brother asked me if I had done something to my face. I said a had a facial at Sparkling through Chemo. My hands and feet look much better after the manicure and pedicure and got hydrated. All excellent. Many thanks Fiona.
  • Wonderful facial in a very relaxing atmosphere. I was surprised to learn that it was a lymphatic drainage facial which was suitable for the fatigue I was experiencing. Hence it helped with the inside as well as nourishing my skin.