Hair-careemotional support

Hair-ConsultantDaniel Field

Daniel is the leading name in cancer hair care, with 30 years experience in this field alone. Most of his clients keep either all or enough of their hair to prevent needing a wig or head covering throughout chemotherapy and on-going. The hair is protected and any lost hairs regrow back quickly and as healthy as before. Daniel also makes special chemo-safe hair colour and lightening products enabling women to safely colour their hair before, during and obviously after, cancer treatment. Whatever the challenge, Daniel and team can help with every aspect of cancer related hair issues.

Reconnection Therapy/Coaching by Marianne Spiteri

I first created Reconnection Therapy® to facilitate my clients going through trauma.

Reconnection Therapy® combines NLP, Hypnotherapy and other advanced self-supporting tools to cope with anxiety and stress. Reconnection Therapy® has gained a good reputation in the area of Specialist Cancer Care. Patients are able to experience emotional healing, reconnection and anxiety self-management throughout.

Most patients find it very helpful and are far better able to cope after a cancer diagnosis, whatever their final outcome.

As one of the tools, I tend to use Goal Mapping. Goal Mapping helps people achieve their desired outcomes whatever the situation they find themselves in. With Goal Mapping skills, they are then able to create and restore balance in their lives. In balance and on track, people feel more content, at peace and are happier generally. As obstacles and challenges come up, they are better able to manage the most stressful and traumatic moments, resetting their sail and quickly getting back on track.

It is a team effort between the person and myself. I teach how to use all these tools throughout their daily life so that the patient can better support themselves in between hospital visits and beyond. Practicing with the tools daily, reinforces reconnection and balance. Once mastered, they are able to maintain a sense of deep positive connection, within themselves and others throughout the ups and downs of their cancer journey.

Reconnection Therapy®️ is not so much a ‘talking therapy’ although there is an element of talking in the processes. To learn Reconnection Therapy®️, most people need just 4-6 sessions. Each session is tailor-made on the day, depending on their needs.

Each session takes 50 minutes