For those currently receiving chemotherapy

As the skin may be more fragile than usual you may experience dry, hot, red, itchy skin, it is also very common to experience breakouts which can be due to a reaction to the chemotherapy or hormonal changes. It is essential to protect the skin so to limit the risk of infection, this essential facial works on restoring chemo skin back to normal using specialist products. Depending on the individuals skin a course maybe recommended.

Health Aging and Rejuvenation facial

Whether you are undergoing surgery or receiving regular chemo/radiotherapy this takes its toll on your skin. It may leave your skin looking dull, or it may become sensitive and reactive, it may appear to increase the speed of aging on your skin due to treatment and lack of sleep. This facial aims to combat all of these, using specialized techniques to help reduce sagging muscles and smooth out lines and wrinkles concentrating on the areas of your concerns. Using crystals for acupressure points over your face and scalp this improves your complexion as well as helping with hot flushes and swelling.

Suggested Enhancements:

A Glow and booster facial is a highly specialised healthy aging treatment that comes course recommended for maximum results. By working on each individual facial muscle this stimulates and tones the muscles giving an instant lifted and plumped effect. Before and after pictures are recommend but not required.

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